3 Features of Every Great Sales Funnel Ad in Facebook

Ads guide leads into sales funnels who have never heard about your product or service before. Ads also retarget the same leads to continue their buyer’s journey into your sales funnels.

Ads reached leads that are not following your social media accounts or are not subscribed to your newsletter. Facebook and social media websites are able to target ads to the right audience. Therefore, to effectively get the audience into your sales funnels, your ad must be effective.

If your ads aren’t effective, it will not matter how many targeted audiences your ads can reach. Only a few would click, leading to poorly invested campaigns.

A great ad has high engagement through likes and comments especially on Facebook. However, this is not a factor within your control. The factors that are within your control to make effective and highly-engaging ads are the visual, the introduction and the headline.

In this article, we will be explaining these three factors of every effective ad that leads potential customers into your sales funnels. By the time you’ve reached the end of the article, we hope we have given you ideas on how to improve your sales funnel ads.

  • The Visual – Your images or videos should show the clear outcome if they use your product or service. You can also use videos and images of what will happen if they don’t use your product or service. Make sure to be clear, especially on video Facebook ads. People tend to watch more passively compared to Youtube videos and would not have time to interpret your videos in ads.
  • The Introduction – The introduction consists of the visual text or the video. It also consists of the opening line of your description if your image or video has no text.The introduction arouses curiosity and makes a bold claim or outcome big enough to be a scroll stopper based on needs versus wants. It is centered around your compelling offer. While the introduction needs to snag attention, it is not the time to be coy or witty. It is the time to be direct.
  • The Headline – The headline reinforces the offer of your ad. It is the factor where you place urgency and the bare bones of your offer. The viewer’s eyes also go straight to the headline when scanning your Facebook Ad description. In less than 25 characters, you can also use the headline as the call-to-action for the CTA button beside it.


Improving Sales Funnel Ads in Facebook

The ad is the door for your leads that leads into your sales funnel. It reaches people who are not aware of your product, not following your social media accounts and leads who need retargeting. Most websites are effective in reaching target audiences. But if your ad is ineffective, it will not even generate leads for your sales funnel, leading to bad campaign results.

Therefore, keep in mind to constantly improve the visuals, the introduction and the headline of your ads for optimal conversion. You can also get proven sales funnel ads with RocketFuel. Get a free consultation with us today to get started.