The Ultimate Sales Funnel Playbook: How to Get Started

The ultimate sales funnel playbook is a comprehensive guide to building and optimizing a sales funnel for your business. A sales funnel is a visual representation of the journey that a potential customer takes from awareness of your product or service, through consideration and decision-making, to ultimately making a purchase. The goal of a sales funnel is to guide potential customers through this process as efficiently and effectively as possible, leading to higher conversion rates and ultimately more sales. Here’s how to get started with the ultimate sales funnel playbook:

Know Your Target

By target, we meant target audience. Do you know the average conversion rate in sales and booking appointments is up to 3%? Therefore, if you’re going to aim for a target audience, aim high. Suppose your business is men’s premium suits. Who would you target? A young age group who are still applying for jobs? Or those in their 40s who can invest in suits made from 100%  wool stretch suiting fabric? If 3% of the former age group would convert, they can only afford cheaper suits. But if 3% of the latter age group would convert, you would profit more in the same conversion rate.

Strategize Every Stage of the Sales Funnel

Your customer goes through your sales funnel in three stages: awareness, consideration and decision for buying your product or service.

The strategy of content marketing is to increase brand awareness in the first stage, educate and persuade in the second stage, then strengthen their choice in the decision. The content for each stage is different.

However, the two constant factors in all three stages are the offer and call to action. The offer is a sticky, one-line promise associated with your product or service. The call-to-action is the endgame action you want your prospect to take. This can be to buy your product or book an appointment with you.

In the awareness stage, you need to put up these two factors because while you are doing brand awareness with content marketing, you are also targeting those who can invest immediately with you.

In the consideration stage, the sticky offer is designed to stick with your potential customer as they compare your product or service with your competition. The call-to-action is the push some of the potential customers need to act and achieve their goals.

Lastly, in the decision stage, the offer reinstates the promise that your offer or service is the solution they’re looking for. The call-to-action reinforces what they need to do in order to solve their problem.

Track, Test, Optimize

Once you launch your business, selling and marketing is a constant cycle of tracking customer behavior, testing what works and improving upon it. Track the data with Google Analytics. Test what works with A/B testing. Apply what you’ve learned to get to the science of sales funnels. These are the barebones of the ultimate sales funnel playbook on how to get started.

Starting Your Ultimate Sales Funnel

Overall, the ultimate sales funnel playbook is a comprehensive guide to building and optimizing a sales funnel for your business. By following these steps and continually testing and optimizing different tactics and strategies, you can create a sales funnel that effectively guides potential customers through the buying process and drives better results for your business. However, if you want to cut the time, cost and effort of testing and optimizing, you can always invest in a sales funnel agency. Schedule a call with RocketFuel today.