What Bad and Good Lead Magnets in Sales Funnels Look Like

A lead magnet is a tool for generating leads by giving a free incentive in exchange for their contact information. It is put in the front of sales funnels to entice leads to commit later on in the future. By receiving their contact information, you have an opportunity to nourish them into customers.

However, if you have bad lead magnets, leads would have less reason to engage with you. Bad lead magnets are not just incentives without value. A bad lead magnet can be of high quality but disengages leads for reasons you may not expect.

A good lead magnet engages leads for more. It has high value that gives leads a trial of how beneficial your product or service would be in solving their problems.

In this article, we will explore what makes a bad lead magnet and what makes a good lead magnet. After reading this article, we hope you will have great ideas to improve your lead magnets for your sales funnel.

What Bad Lead Magnets Look Like

You can do everything right in creating your lead magnet. It can be valuable by being educational and informative. It can have a good opening and a strong call-to-action. But if it has these two features, it can only disengage leads from your sales funnels and attract those who are only looking for freebies.

Bad lead magnets are time-consuming for the leads, time-consuming for you and complete.

A lead magnet that requires more than ten minutes to consume is often downloaded but not used as your leads divide their time in the many information vying for their attention.

Bad lead magnets are also those that take a lot of time and effort for you to create. Your resources are better used for making content with high-priced and high-value offers in your value ladder.

Furthermore, if your lead magnet is one complete step in solving their problem, the leads that you are going to attract later on in the future are more freebie-hunters.

Formats of these bad lead magnets often come in the form of e-books, mini-courses, quizzes, webinars and strategy sessions.

What Good Lead Magnets Look Like

Good led magnets are not only educational and informative. They are also quick to consume, quick to create and incomplete.

Good lead magnets are useful and also easy to use. They can be used at a glance like checklists or cheat sheets.

They are also easy to create on your end, freeing you time and effort to focus on optimizing your sales funnel. Examples include templates and scripts.

Lastly, they are incomplete. They solve part of the problem but not the whole problem. Good lead magnets are bandaids to your product or service that are painkillers. This turns off habitual freebie-hunters and entices other leads to want more of what you can give them up your value ladder.

Creating Good Sales Funnel Lead Magnet

Lead magnets are useful in generating leads, especially those who would need further nurturing before becoming customers. Bad lead magnets can be valuable because they inform and educate. But they can also be time-consuming to consume and to make.

Good lead magnets are useful and quick to consume and create. They are also incomplete which entice leads to want more and follow your call-to-action further down the sales funnel.

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