2 Questions to Ask for Targeted Sales Funnel Content

A sales funnel is the visual representation of your customer journey. It is coined a funnel because the deeper they go into their buyer’s journey, the lesser the numbers would be depending on numerous factors. The goal of the sales funnel is to increase the numbers of those who would buy.

One way to increase the numbers of customers or clients is to make targeted sales funnel content. Targeted sales funnel content is the deliberate funneling of your target customers or clients.

If you don’t create targeted sales funnel content, then the marketing will result in more trial-and-error instead of efficient marketing that will get you the results you want at an earlier date.

In this article, we will be exploring the questions you will need to answer in order to create targeted sales funnel content. We will go through each question with the assumption that you have already identified your target customers or clients.

What Problems Do They Encounter when They Don’t Have Your Product as the Solution to Their Problem?

Once again, this question needs to be answered when you have identified your target audience. Jot down every possible problem they’ll have if they don’t have your product to solve their main problem.

List both the technical and emotional problems they will have without your product. For example, your product is an app that lets people invest spare change in their bank account. One technical problem they can encounter when they don’t have your product is not having an easy method to invest. Emotional problems they would experience is the fear of not having investments in the future and doubt on their own financial management.

All three of these problems can be used as content to snag their attention in brand awareness and retargeting. They can be used in the beginning of every sales funnel: headlines, opening lines and content in the problem-agitate-solve approach.

What Happens if Your Customer Would Not Use Your Product?

If the question above can provide content for the beginning of the sales funnel, this question is used for the closing of the sales funnel.

Once you’ve shown customers the benefits of your product, social proof and its true value, you will need to close the sale with a strong call to action. To do this, you will have to 1.) remind the customer of how your product can deliver the big promise to solve their big problem and 2.) heighten the problems that would later on happen if they don’t act now.

Back to the example of the easy invest app above, if they don’t download the app today, they will not have an investment in a year, 3 years or 10 years that they could use in the future. They will continue the bad financial habit of not investing. They will live from paycheck to paycheck.

Ask and You will Receive

Answering these questions are important in the sales funnel playbook. It leads to sales funnel content that targets your ideal buyers or target customers. The question regarding the problems of your customer if they have your product builds content for the beginning of your sales funnel. The question regarding the problems they will encounter if they choose to not use your product builds content for the closing of your sales funnel.

By answering both of these questions you can achieve the goal of every sales funnel: to increase conversions. However, if you want effective sales funnels made readily for you, schedule a call with us today to get started.