Top 3 Engaging Leads Magnets for Your Sales Funnel

Lead magnets play a crucial role in sales funnels. It pulls potential customers in with a high-valuable, low-commitment offer. It gives them a bit of an experience of what happens if they use your product or service.

Lead magnets allow potential customers and you to have small wins. They will get something useful for free and you get their contact information. As you nurture them through their contact information, you educate and inform them of the right buying decision (even if it’s not your product).

Without lead magnets, you are losing an opportunity to build relationships with potential customers who do not feel ready to buy from you yet. What’s worse is offering bad lead magnets that disengage your potential customers or make freebie-hunters stay with you. Freebie-hunters are leads who are only after your lead magnet and will unsubscribe or ignore your email marketing.

In this article, we will be exploring the top three engaging lead magnets for you to use in your sales funnels. After you finish reading this, we hope to give you ideas to create your own high-valuable, low-commitment lead magnets that will convert leads into customers.

What Makes an Engaging Lead Magnet

As mentioned before in our past post, a good lead magnet is content that is easy for you to make, easy for your leads to consume and incomplete.

If you made a lead magnet that didn’t take you a lot of time and effort, but it is downloaded often, then your lead magnet is highly effective.

A lead magnet must also be easy for your leads to consume. Why? If a lead magnet is time-consuming for leads, they will either store it in their Dropbox and leave it unused. Or the lead magnet would make them too preoccupied with your nurture marketing.

Finally, a lead magnet must be incomplete. By incomplete, meaning it must partly solve the main problem that your product or service will fully solve.

Now what are the top three engaging lead magnets in regard to the description above?

Cheat Sheets

A cheat sheet gives you vital information in one place. Because the vital information is put in a one file, forced prioritization puts the central idea first and foremost and the rest organized in digestible sections. Having a cheat sheet allows leads to consume it quickly, apply it instantly, and experience your product or service.


Templates are another highly valuable and easy to use lead magnets. It is also an incomplete content that solves a minor problem related to a major problem. For example, if your service is marketing for construction services, email marketing is a related service. Therefore, having email templates as lead magnets gives your leads the help they need while encouraging them to further try out your main service.


Checklists prove to readers your expertise in your field. For example, before their web launch, they can go through your lead magnet checklist for anything they missed. It makes them aware of problems that they may need your services to solve earlier than they can do themselves.

Making Engaging Lead Magnets for Your Sales Funnel

Good lead magnets play a vital role in the sales funnel. They generate leads and allow nurturing to take place by offering a valuable incentive in exchange for contact information. Cheat sheets, templates and checklists are high-value, easy to make and effective lead magnets. They showcase your product or service’s quality and tease leads into wanting more. If you want lead magnets and sales funnels customized for your business,  schedule a call with us to get started.