Your Sales Funnel: Needs vs Wants

A sales funnel is only effective when you understand your ideal buyer. In the forefront of your sales funnel is your offer. A good offer hooks your ideal buyer’s attention throughout their buyer’s journey. Your offer is only as good as it is if you differentiate their needs from their wants.

Why do we say this? Need requires the willingness to commit. Want does not.

In this article, we will be emphasizing the difference between need vs want from your ideal buyers and how you can channel into the untapped demand in your market. After reading this, we hope to have given you better insight on how to improve your sales funnel’s offer.

The Pain is the Pitch

Whatever you are offering in your sales funnel, it must be something that they just not want but desperately need. They must desperately need to get rid of a pain that frustrates them, costs them and eats away at their ego.

For example, there will always be three big markets: health, wealth and relationships. They banish the kinds of pain people want to go away. The health market banishes chronic pain that comes with age. The wealth market banishes the fear of not having enough. The relationships market banishes the fear of dying alone.

The need to take away the pain is higher than the desire to want. The need is the demand in the market. In order to look for this demand, we’ll proceed to the next step.

Do Not Create Demand, Channel It 

If we are to assume that you’re in a good market or a growing one, the offer you will make in your sales funnel will be effective in garnering leads. But in order to create a good offer, you must first understand the nature of the demand in your market.

There are many people who have a need for their pain to be banished. The goal is to channel into the demand that has the ability to pay.

For example, a lot of men want to look good. You sell suits. But there is a difference between types of customers. Men in their 40s are more likely to have the means to pay more for your product.

Another factor you’ll have to consider in channeling the demand is if it would be easy for you to reach these potential customers.

Using the prior example, if men in their 40s are more likely to be able to pay more for your product, would it be easy for you to reach them? There are men in their 40s who would never need a lot of suits for their occupation. Therefore, can you reach these people whose profession requires them to have good suits?

If you are able to identify the specific demand that has the ability to pay and you have the means to easily reach them, then you have now channeled the demand that will fuel your sales funnel. Keep in mind the two questions you need to ask your target customer.

Find the Need and Channel the Demand

Find the desperate need in your market that is stronger than the desire to want. Once you have it, hone it further by finding the type of customers who have the ability to pay for it. Then learn for yourself if you can easily reach them.

Once you have the means to reach them, then you can start fashioning your offer that would speak to them and lead them down to your sales funnel. If you want to know more, get a free consultation with RocketFuel.