Your Sales Funnel’s Confirmation Page: What to Include

Congratulations, your lead has become a customer. They are now in the confirmation page of your sales funnel.

However, are you going to let it end there? A confirmation page is another opportunity to cross-sell or even upsell into a new sales funnel. This is to assume your product solves a main problem and several related but smaller problems

If you’re going to let the confirmation page simply be a thank-you page, you are losing an opportunity to make a sale. You are also losing another opportunity to help them better in their problem. Your competition will take advantage of what you wouldn’t take.

But what should a confirmation page include in order to make another sale? In this article, we will show you six elements your confirmation page must include to cross-sell or upsell. After reading this article, we hope you will have new ideas to increase your sales.

Here are the six elements your confirmation page must include:

A New Promise

After confirming that their purchase or download is on the way, give them a new promise to snag their attention back. This can be a new offer with another big benefit or another unique value proposition that can help them with their other problems.

For example: “Congratulations for getting our free cheat sheet to optimize your website SERP in five minutes. While we wait for it to be sent to your inbox, please watch this 3-minute video which will help you get the most in your cheat sheet to double your appointments in two weeks.” (Note that this video will recommend another one of your products.)

Proof to Back the New Promise

Since they have already gotten through your sales funnel, they are more or less informed on what to buy. They already have enough trust to have bought from you. But your new promise will still need proof.

For example: “This video has helped 128 of our clients double their monthly appointments in two weeks.”

State the Problems They have Remaining

This is simply brushing over related problems that are stopping them from reaching their goals. If your product helps dermatologist clinics get more clients, you will also solve their other problems that you can help with.

For example: “Your website can get optimized, but optimized websites often face the dilemma of having increased traffic, yet only having less than 0.05% conversion rate. So they wonder, ‘We are getting more views. So why aren’t they scheduling for an appointment?’”

Give Them Context

Show them where they are in their interlinking problems and business goals. In our current example, they have downloaded a cheatsheet to improve their Google ranking. But comes the next problem of getting appointments even when their traffic is increased.

Show them where they are and what they can do to move closer to their goals.

For example: “You are now armed with a cheat code on how to ramp up in Google. Be prepared that your website is an intuitive tool to set an appointment with you.”

Set Them an Action to Take

Once again, as you have done in your past sales funnel, give them another call-to-action on how to solve more of their problems and get closer to their business goals.

For example: “If you want to learn how to make your website easy to move viewers forward into clients, watch our 3-minute video to book your calendar to the max.”

Optimizing your Sales Funnels’ Confirmation Pages

A confirmation page may be the end of your sales funnel for their purchase or for your top 3 lead magnets. But it is also another opportunity to make an up-sale or a cross-sale. Using a new promise, you can help them further with their other problems and back it with proof. Show them where they are then give them the directions to take to move them closer to their goals.

However, if you want to optimize every inch of your sales funnels, you can get a free consultation with us to show you how.